How to lunch webpage without using SMTP server?

David Bolen db3l at
Wed Jul 21 22:09:44 CEST 2004

Grant Edwards <grante at> writes:

> On 2004-07-21, Byron <DesertLinux at> wrote:
> > I agreed with your response.  In my reply, I mentioned that
> > she would have two options, which are to either *get* SMTP
> > access -- or -- to find some program, plugin, etc that would
> > act as a SMTP server for her.
> And if she doesn't have access to an SMTP server that will
> accept e-mail from her system, what is that local SMTP server
> going to do with the e-mail?

If she's really running a local SMTP "server" (as opposed to just a
dumb forwarder of some sort), then her local server should be
interrogating DNS to locate the appropriate delivery host for the mail
as addressed, and connecting directly there.  Now, if you're saying
that the final target SMTP agent/server isn't going to accept e-mail
from her system, she's stuck no matter what she does since there's
just no way for her to send mail to that target address.  (Or rather,
then in that case she really does need a remote server running on a
host that hte final delivery server will accept connections from).

> >> Again, we've been through all this before.  She doesn't have
> >> access to an SMTP server, apparently.
> If that's true, then she can't send e-mail to non-local
> addresses -- regardless of whether she's running a local SMTP
> server or not.

She can if said local server talks to the final delivery SMTP
agents/servers.  They have to be listening or the e-mail addresses
specifying their use for mail delivery won't work at all.

-- David

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