Chris Lyon chris.lyon at
Tue Jul 13 13:42:11 CEST 2004

coming from a Vb'ish sort of background, issues like iterators and
list comprehensions appear at first site to be a confusion. However
since I have a great deal of respect for the large brains in a jar
(LBIAJ) that post on this list and construct my favourite language I
realise I'm missing something.

So can anyone point me at some applications, tutorials, websites and
advantages that these mechanisms provide? that don't rely on having
done LBIAJ courses such that I dare use them in my own code that
thrives on the massive over application of lists and dictionaries that
I believe I finally got my head round.

Apologies to all for continually stirring up the mud at the bottom of
the crystal clear river that is python but I fear being left behind
when whatever is built on top of these constructs raises it's head in
the forseable future.

As ever I am attempting to use humour (badly) to voice issues that are
assumed by many but complicated to a few.


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