lisp is winner in DOM parsing contest! 8-]

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jul 12 04:15:50 CEST 2004

Alex Mizrahi wrote:

> i have 3mb long XML document with about 150000 lines (i think it has about
> 200000 elements there) which i want to parse to DOM to work with.

Often, problems with performance come down the using the
wrong algorithm, or using the wrong architecture for the
problem at hand.

Are you absolutely certain that using a full in-memory DOM
representation is the best for your problem?  It seems
very unlikely to me that it really is...

For example, there are approaches which can read in the
document incrementally (and I'm not just talking SAX here),
rather than read the whole thing at once.

I found your analysis fairly simplistic, on the whole...


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