Attention, hyperlinkers: inference of active text

John Seal johnseal at
Sun Jun 20 18:36:43 EDT 2004

In article <10d6bln988rmne6 at>,
 claird at (Cameron Laird) wrote:

> End-users "get it", and are happy I render
> "" as a hyperlink.  Most of them eventually
> notice the implications for punctuation, that is, that they're
> happier when they write

So who is constructing these sentences, you or the end-users?

>   Look at !
> than
>   Look at!

Any idea *why* are they happier with the first than the second?

> The design breaks down more annoyingly by the time we get to 
> the "file" scheme, though. 

What design, and in what way is it breaking down?

> I am confident that requiring
>   It is on my drive as file:\Program%20Files\Perl\odysseus.exe 
> is NOT practical with my clients.

Any idea why not?  The lack of terminal punctuation?

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