Python reference

Heiko Wundram heikowu at
Fri Jun 4 12:27:43 CEST 2004

Am Freitag, 4. Juni 2004 12:09 schrieb Reiner Block:
> Of course I did but if I right remember e.g. DosExec, WinExec and WinExecN
> (I hope I remember the functions names in a right way ;-) ) don't needed
> the process name a second time, isn't it?

I've never done any Windows programming so far (under DOS, using TC++ 3.0 
exec() took the program name as first parameter, I'm pretty sure of that...), 
so I don't know... ;)

> But first I've to see how to get eric3 again running. Because I installed
> the current snapshot but it has a problem inside the and
> There are many changes in comparision to version 3.4.2. And
> 3.4.2 crashes wenn I called Run the script. :-(

Hmm... Why not work with emacs? I actually like the emacs Python mode. It's 
pretty sophisticated, and does all I need to program in Python. I've yet to 
see eric (it's installed, but I've never used it), but I've never felt the 
need for more than the Python-mode of emacs.


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