py2exe/wxpython demo

Bryan belred1 at
Mon Jun 7 01:02:18 CEST 2004

just for fun and my own experience, i wanted to use py2exe to wrap the wxpython demo.   i put the setup script in the 
demo directory which is the following:

from distutils.core import setup
import glob
import py2exe

       data_files=[('bitmaps', glob.glob('bitmaps/*.*')),
                   ('data', glob.glob('data/*.*')),
                   ('bmp_source', glob.glob('bmp_source/*.*')),
                   ('', glob.glob('*.py'))],

and ran the command like this:

setup py2exe --ignores wx.BitmapFromImage,wx.EmptyIcon
              --includes ActiveX_FlashWindow,ActiveX_IEHtmlWindow

this was successful except for one thing... do i really have to explictly list every script file in the demo directory 
in the --includes argument on the command line? there are so many.  i was hoping to somehow be able to add it in the 
script as a glob, but nothing i did worked.  in case you aren't aware, the .py files in the demo directory is used both 
as a data file which is why i added them in the data_files section, and also as python scripts which needs to be added 
in the file.  the --includes argument on the command line will correctly compile and place the .pyc files in 
the,  there must be a better way that having to added them all explicitly on the command line.



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