Python Crypto Question

Maboroshi n/a
Wed Jun 2 01:28:55 CEST 2004

Hi I was interested if there was a way to encrypt common ports on my
computer like port 80: and my FTP port on the Client side using Python

Forgive me if this sounds like an amatuer question but I don't know to much
about this

I understand I can access secure servers that offer this encryption

but when I recieve information from a server is it possible for my computer
to download it anonomously and have it encrypted. So basically the server
can't see that I am there and any information passed from my computer to
that server for a request, that server log or whatever would just be a bunch
of numbers appearing. I understand that a proxie might make me anonymous

does this make sense

I would like to program something like this if it is a plausible idea

Thanks in advance

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