any trick to allow anonymous code blocks in python?

Mark Hahn mark at
Sat Jun 26 07:28:01 CEST 2004

"Doug Holton" <insert at> wrote

> That's a great goal, creating a simplified python dialect that can be
> converted to regular Python syntax and bytecode.  It's a little outside
> of my reach right now though.  And prothon which was mentioned recently
> is incompatible with the python "virtual machine".

I'm not trolling for Prothon users, since Prothon isn't ready for use
anyway, but I'm curious why you have to use the Python intepreter.  Can you
fill me in?

Prothon by the way doesn't have anonymous code blocks, but it can do:

    b = button()
    def b.onClick():
            print "You clicked me"

Is that what you wanted?

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