OT: Cryptography puzzle

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Wed Jun 2 19:25:47 CEST 2004

rzed wrote:

> This thread reminds me of my favorite highly-insecure encryption 
> method. It does give a moment's pause to those intent on decoding 
> such things, and works far better with longer messages than short, 
> but it can bring a smile at least, and will completely fool a child 
> of six for several hours. Here's an example of some encoded text:
> *[
> Thgi snia lpn itxetht iw tpyrcedtp yrcn ednasdn ei rfruoy ezamaye. 
> Ko nse ri uqer dn alair et amlautxet sedo. Ce ddnas edoc nehto 
> (1853, 1927), bmargo rpemase ($315.23) hty lfeht noe-docedot reikc, 
> irteltti lasi ta h thguoh tlaffuts la utxetn on reh tod. Nas tnuo 
> marallo dset adhtiws kro wtimrof detpyrc neronial, pni daerebna ct 
> ire. Doced laut canatuo hti wnevede/tpyrced ebyl idae rn actxe 
> tsiht!
> ]*

And, perhaps most remarkably for an encryption algorithm, it
happens to have the exact same letter-distribution frequency
as regular English!  ;-)


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