Just testing

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Thu Jun 17 14:32:14 CEST 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Mitja wrote:
>> Michael Lauzon <mlauzon at gmail.com>
>> (news:mailman.25.1087341507.21521.python-list at python.org) wrote:
>>> I am just testing, as I need to create a filter.
>> Use alt.test, then
> Sounds like he probably gets this group as email through the
> mailing list, but it's still rude to impose on the thousands
> of other readers (tens of thousands?) for his own minor
> convenience like that.

In this case, the best thing to do is to ask a real question that you're 
not actually interested in and that will be easily answered, or start a 
flamewar :-) The benefit of the latter is that you get *lots* of posts 
to test your filter on...


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