Searching for the best scripting language,

Richard James rmb25612 at
Sun Jun 13 22:34:43 CEST 2004

Are we looking at the scripting world through Python colored glasses?
Has Python development been sleeping while the world of scripting
languages has passed us Pythonista's by?

On Saturday Slashdot ran this article on the "best" scripting

"Folks at the Scriptometer conducted a practical survey of which
scripting language is the best. While question like that is bound to
generate flamewars between the usual Perl vs PHP, Python vs Perl,
VBScript vs everything crowds, the Scriptometer survey is practical:
if I have to write a script, I have to write it fast, it has to be
small (less typing), it should allow me to either debug itself via a
debugger or just verbose output mode. sh, Perl and Ruby won the
competition, and with the difference of 1-2 points they were
essentially tied for first place... Interesting that ICFP contests
lately pronounced OCaml as the winner for rapid development."
Scriptometer site:

Needless to say, the Ruby site was Slashdot-ed today. 

What points are the Scriptometer survey missing, in regards to the
ease of use and beauty of the Python language?

Or should I convert my code base to Ruby and or OCaml? :)

Let the rabid "in defense of Python" flames begin!

-- R.J.

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