Hung Jung Lu hungjunglu at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 10 16:20:56 CEST 2004

michele.simionato at poste.it (Michele Simionato) wrote:
> Sorry for the  previous message, but I couldn't resist the temptation
> to mock you. So you may realize how irritating certain statements can
> be.

Ha. We are in newsgroups. No one pays money to get answers. Whether
someone wants to give you answers or not, it's up to them. If someone
answers, you are grateful. If no one answers, tough luck, that's life.
Move on. You can never force anyone to teach you. Irritating, why? Are
other people your slaves? Why should anyone spend their time to
educate you? That just does not work. It's a free world. On the other
hand, you are welcome to ask other people, ask as many people as you
can. I have helped hundreds of people in this newsgroup, often posting
detailed code where no one else did. So I have been more than nice and
helpful to many people, and you probably know that.

If you look at the Lisp group, you'll understand what I mean. :) By
the way, I posted there before I posted to Python. Others have
provided more complete and detailed answers. At this modern age, one
not only needs to learn, but one needs to learn how to learn.
Meta-learning, if you wish. :)


Hung Jung

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