Searching for the best scripting language,

Markus Zywitza python at
Sun Jun 13 23:15:48 CEST 2004

Hi everybody

Richard James wrote:

> What points are the Scriptometer survey missing, in regards to the
> ease of use and beauty of the Python language?

Well, better look again at Guido's Tutorial, as it reads at the very 

If you ever wrote a large shell script, you probably know this feeling: 
you'd love to add yet another feature, but it's already so slow, and so 
big, and so complicated; or the feature involves a system call or other 
function that is only accessible from C

The page misses completely the handling of more complex tasks than those 
typically used in any shell (hey, those examples could even be realized 
with a DOS batch file :-p). Python might not be the number one choice 
for testing whether a file is readable, but ask them why Fedora has 
chosen Python for their Anaconda OS Installer and not a shell script...


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