Windows XP - cron or scheduler for Python?

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Jun 22 02:48:58 CEST 2004

Jay Donnell wrote:

>>2) Always call Python and have it run the application.
>>Don't just try to run
> How would one do this. I'm a unix geek having the same problems as the
> op, but I'm on windows 2000. The status simply says "couldn't start".
> Any other ideas would be appreciated as well.

For starters, try full absolute paths for both parts.  On
my machine, for example, this is pretty much guaranteed
to run:

   c:\a\python23\python.exe c:\

This was just the following script, which you might want
to try as a test, but it works only if the pywin32 stuff
(formerly known as win32all) is installed:

import win32ui
win32ui.MessageBox('it works!', 'Tick', 0)

If even that doesn't work (after correcting the paths
and module name for your own system), open a command prompt
(Start->Run then type "cmd" and hit enter) and type
exactly the same thing there.  If *that* doesn't work,
you don't even have Python installed properly...


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