Searching for the best scripting language,

Edward Diener eldiener at
Mon Jun 14 01:09:32 CEST 2004

Richard James wrote:
> Are we looking at the scripting world through Python colored glasses?
> Has Python development been sleeping while the world of scripting
> languages has passed us Pythonista's by?
> On Saturday Slashdot ran this article on the "best" scripting
> languages.
> "Folks at the Scriptometer conducted a practical survey of which
> scripting language is the best.

"Practical surveys" are always as hilarious as practical programming, unless
one is asleep to their implications. One of the simple ones, which no doubt
formed much of the basis of this survey, always is: in which situation do I
have to type the least number of characters. For the brainless, this is a
valid test of programming excellence. Hopefully not all programmers in the
world have been reduced to such brainlessness yet.

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