wxPython syntax

OKB (not okblacke) BrenBarn at aol.com
Tue Jun 29 04:44:44 CEST 2004

David Fraser wrote:

> MenuDeclaration = """ ... """ # put the above string in here...
> MenuResource = wxResourceParser.Parse(MenuDeclaration)
> class FileMenu(MenuResource):
>      def OnAbout(self, event):
>          # put the code here
>      def OnExit(self, event):
>          # put the code here

    	This is a cool idea.  I like the looks of it.  One worry I have, 
though, is that with the code outside the hierarchical definition 
there'll still be confusion about the organization.  What if you have a 
menu bar as well as some other widgets, or submenus?  Also, what about 
things like listboxes, where you want the list elements to be determined 
programmatically?  Various interrelationships might exist between the 
GUI's appearance and its content, which could be difficult to express if 
the layout were being specified with some static text.  I'm not sure how 
best to handle this, but I think it's something to think about.

--OKB (not okblacke)
Brendan Barnwell
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