How to do special encode in string ?

Chris King squirrel at
Wed Jun 23 19:46:16 CEST 2004

> Encode("az  llam  n vagyok") -> "az \xe1llam \xe9n vagyok"
> Decode("az \xe1llam \xe9n vagyok") -> "az  llam  n vagyok"

The functions you want are str.encode and str.decode:
"az  llam  n vagyok".encode("string_escape") -> "az \xe1llam \xe9n
"az \xe1llam \xe9n vagyok".decode("string_escape") -> "az  llam  n

If you choose to use Unicode strings instead, use the "unicode_escape"
codec instead of the "string_escape" codec.

A list of the standard encodings is available at if you need with some other
format (rot13 is my personal favourite :P).

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