Python 2.3.4 hangs when run from modern cygwin/bash in WinXP, but is otherwise fine

David Fraser davidf at
Sat Jun 19 13:07:31 CEST 2004

Eric Woudenberg wrote:
> I just installed a Python 2.3.4 Windows binary on a friend's WinXP
> machine (because the latest Cygwin-provided Python 2.3 build leaves
> out the winsound module for some reason).
> When I try and run this newly installed Python from bash it just hangs
> (no version message, no prompt, CPU is idle). When I run it from IDLE,
> or the DOS CMD prompt, it runs fine. Also, Python scripts using the
> new version run fine, even invoked on the bash command line. It seems
> there's some problem with terminal i/o when invoked from bash.
> However, using this same installer, Python 2.3.4 runs fine on my WinXP
> machine (though mine is using an older version of cygwin).
> Meanwhile, his cygwin-provided Python 2.3 runs fine from bash.
> I haven't been able to figure out what's wrong. Does anyone have any
> suggestions?
> Thanks kindly in advance!
> Eric Woudenberg

Yes, set CYGWIN=notty and then run python -i (to force it into 
interactive mode)


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