reStructuredText Cheat Sheet

chris csad7 at
Thu Jun 3 21:32:39 CEST 2004

David Goodger wrote:

> I whipped together a cheat sheet for reStructuredText:
> 1 page for syntax, and a 1 page reference for directives
> and roles.  Please take a look:
> <> (not
> meant to be converted to HTML; use the source text as-is).
> Feedback is welcome.

to be honest i find it a bit confusing...
i did not really look into ReST's syntax yet but i assumed it partly as 
a wiki style "markup" alternative and thought it was (also) meant as 
that (apart from surely more py stuff).

maybe it is just me or that i am no native english speaker but i did not 
really understand the syntax on the sheet or what some things are for.
an example would be the 2nd table about explicit markup, do the 2 dots 
".." belong to the syntax or not?
i need to look more into the docutils docs, maybe it gets clearer then.

it is a good thing to have though

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