Silly question; best way to run a python program from Vim?

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Mon Jun 14 12:34:23 CEST 2004

You have to tell vim you want it to treat what you type as a command.
Enter command mode by typing :
and allow vim to execute by adding ! directly after, then type the program
:! will run the hi_lowgame I have coded from inside vim.
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> After looking around at various editors, I've finally decided on
> (I think :-) ) Vim for my future work. (jed is a great editor,
> but doesn't do neat things like allow me to write python code
> to add to the editor functionality. Emacs is just too bloated
> these days. jEdit is one of the best GUI editors I've seen, but
> I've still not seen a GUI editor with the power of those with
> a non-GUI ancestry. etc. etc.)
> However, I can't quite figure out how one 'should' excute
> the Python program one is currently working on in Vim. I'm
> aware of the :python and :pyfile commands, but they seem to
> be oriented towards running scripts which are intended to
> do editing tasks, i.e. which interact with Vim. I simply want
> to do something like
> :runthissucker
> to execute the current file under python, pop up a window
> with the results, automatically take me to the point in
> the buffer (or other file) where an error was encountered,
> etc. In other words, I want to run the program as part of
> the development process of that program, not as an addon to
> Vim. (Looking back, that isn't terribly clear, but it's about
> as clear as I can think to make it right now.) Using 'jed'
> and the standard jed python mode, this was just '^C^C', but
> from what I understand of the python functionality of
> Vim, I currently have to do something like
> :python
> Thanks for the help. Of course, if you have other useful
> suggestions for using Vim with Python, please feel free
> to contribute those also.
> Cheers,
> Ken

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