z80 vs Python

Paul Rubin http
Sat Jun 26 00:04:54 CEST 2004

Phil Frost <indigo at bitglue.com> writes:
> Actually, the 286 is essentially a 32 bit processor. It has most of the
> features of the 386, only many of the control structures such as the GDT
> are different, as well as the memory bus.

Huh?  The 286 has memory protection and 386-like segment descriptors,
but it's a 16 bit processor through and through.  It has a 16-bit ALU
with 16-bit registers, and addresses within a segment are 16 bits.
Yes, there were versions of Unix that ran on it, which isn't too
surprising given Unix's origins in the 16-bit PDP-11 world.  I'm not
aware of a Linux port to it, unless you mean something like ucLinux.

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