SNMP Toolkit

Roy Smith roy at
Fri Jun 25 00:38:40 CEST 2004

In article <m3llic61zx.fsf at>,
 Les Smithson <lsmithso at> wrote:

> >>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Bell <lights at> writes:
>     Matthew> I have found any number of native COM/.NET/ASP/etc C++
>     Matthew> SNMP toolkits and tried using the Python Win32 extensions
>     Matthew> to talk to them but I just don't understand enough about
>     Matthew> low-level Win32 calls, event handling etc to get them to
>     Matthew> work, particularly as the code examples typically expect
>     Matthew> you to either be using Visual C++ or Visual Basic.
>     Matthew> Thanks anyway, Matthew.
> I have to ask this - did you look at snmpy
> ( This uses ucd-snmp/net-snmp for the
> grunt. It doesn't claim to be ported to Windows, but net-snmp is, and
> the C module in snmpy doesn't *look* that difficult to build on
> Windows.

What have been people's experiences with snmpy?  The last time I looked 
at it (over a year ago), I had troubles building it (on linux) because 
it had dependencies on an oldish version of net-snmp.

I do a lot of SNMP work, but have never really found a good python SNMP 
package.  I looked at PySNMP (the pure python one) but never managed to 
get that to work either.  It also just seems wrong to be doing all the 
low-level BER and packet building stuff in Python.

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