(OT) Boa Constructor and Python 2.3.4

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Sat Jun 19 04:42:45 CEST 2004

"flupke" <flupke at nonexistingdomain.com> schreef:

(Hallo mede-pandoriaan ;-)

> Hhhmm. Bummer. I wanted to use it to quickly get a wxPython app
> going as i'm pretty new to Python & wxWindows.
> Well, i guess i can also "type" :)
> Are there any other screen designers (i've tried wxGlade but it
> seems a bit limited)

There is XRCed too: <http://xrced.sourceforge.net/>
(it's included with wxPython IIRC)

If you want "easier hand-coding" based on wxPython you might want to try:
- Wax <http://zephyrfalcon.org/moin.cgi/Wax>
- PythonCard <http://pythoncard.sourceforge.net/>


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