Making classes from Metaclasses globally available

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Wed Jun 16 21:29:56 CEST 2004

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 00:28:46 -0400, "Jean-François Doyon"
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>I'm using MetaClasses to create classes.

Why use metaclasses?  The metaclass wizards seem to be telling us that
these are special tools for Python developers, not intended for
"mortal users".

>How do I make these new classes "globally" available?

Can't you just generate your classes with an ordinary function, and
assign them to whatever global name you want?

def factory(var1,func1):
    class C:
        const1 = 123
        def commonfunc(self):
            print "Hello from commonfunc"
    setattr(C, 'var1', var1)
    setattr(C, func1.__name__, func1)
    return C

Then whenever you need a new class, just call the factory with
whatever variable data and functions you want to add to each class.

C1 = factory(var1,func1)  # A unique class
c1 = C1()                 # An instance of that class

-- Dave

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>I probably just have to assign them to something magic, but I can't seem to
>figure out which one.
>if I do:
>MetaClass('Klass', (), {})
>The resulting class needs to be assigned to something:
>    myclass = MetaClass('Klass', (), {})
>The problem is that I'm  looping and don't know in advance how many classes
>there will be.
>So right now I have something like:
>msclasses[clsname] = MapServerMetaClass(str(clsname), (),
>inside a loop.
>Problem is I really don't want to have the classes stuck inside that dict.
>I want them "globally" available as if I had simply made a "class"
>declaration at the top of the file.
>Any ideas or suggestions?

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