Prevent pyc or pyo compiled output

Duncan Booth me at
Fri Jun 25 12:47:29 CEST 2004

Jason Smith <jhs at> wrote in 
news:mailman.130.1088155611.27577.python-list at

> Hi.  I have exactly the problem described in PEP 304: I want to tell 
> python _not_ to write the .pyc bytecode versions of my modules.  (During 
> development it clutters up my directories and 'svn st' output.)

You can fix it for 'svn st' output easily enough: just tell svn to ignore 
the files (something like "svn ps -R svn:ignore '*.pyc' .", but I use 
tortoisesvn so I may have got the command wrong, and you also want to set 
it as a default in your svn config.)

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