SimpleXMLRPCServer performance issue in MSWin

Brian Quinlan brian at
Tue Jun 1 10:58:41 CEST 2004

danu kusmana wrote:
> I have sent these scripts on my first email before,
> but I send it again. The is the server
> side script that when it is ran on Windows platform it
> run very much slower compared when it ran on Linux
> platform. I cannot send the captured of the log from
> Windows, but I assume you can help me test it so you
> can see the different. 

Actually, the more work that you do yourself, the likely it is that 
people will help you. Timings (using the timeit module) of client calls 
to the server for each function might be useful.

Did you try importing sgmlop? Did you try running your code using the 
profiler i.e. do you know if the problem is network related, related to 
XML parsing, etc.?

BTW, you mentioned before that you wanted the server to be 
multithreaded. Did you try that (after putting access controls around 
the instance variables)?

I'm suggesting that there are still a lot of things that you can try 
yourself before someone from the list spends a lot of their time 
tracking this done for you. Please ask for help if you can't figure out 
how to do your next step e.g. run your code inside the profiler.


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