Python Magazine exists! (was: Python intro questions)

Mark mark at
Sun Jun 27 19:10:08 CEST 2004

Hello Irmen,

>> It seems a lot of people are not aware that a Python Magazine exists. 
>> Visit:
>> to see what we are publishing this quarter and check out our free 
>> articles to see what
>> kind of articles we publish.
>> I'd like to repudiate once and for all the claim that:
>> "Nobody gets paid to write articles about Python"
> Let me add my experience:
> many months ago I was asked to write an article about Pyro.
> I submitted it, and it was *finally* published in PyZine issue 5.

What I think your are conveniently ignoring is that your article was 
to Py before we took over publication. Beyond that you are either 
ignoring (or are
unaware) that the delay in publishing your article was due not in small 
part to Bryan's health problems and that there likely was not going to 
be a Py anymore.

We didn't want to see several hundred paying subscribers who were 
the only 100% Python Magazine to see their investment disappear into 
thin air.
That's why we stepped in took over Py, contacted all the subscribers 
for which their were records (looks like several where not in the 
records) and gave them subscriptions for free.
We did all this even though we did not receive *any funds* for these 

One of the things we did as part of taking over Py was read through 
previously submitted
articles. Most of the drafts submitted we rejected but we liked your 
draft, contacted you, and since you had sent us an updated draft wanted 
to pay you for your work. There was never an entitlement to be paid for 
this article as it was submitted to Py before we took over publication.

> However, first they put an old draft online. It took a while
> to get it replaced with the correct, final version. But until
> today the references (links) in the article have not been corrected.


> I suggested to donate the author's fee to the Python Software 
> Foundation,
> but that was not possible. After that I've never heard from them
> concerning any payment whatsoever, apart from that their bookkeeping
> department will be told about it.

I honestly find your characterzation very unfair. Regarding payment to 
Python Software Foundation this is what I wrote:

"Regarding payment it would probably be easier for us to pay you and you
then donate this money to the organization as we will definitely need 
an invoice
for the payment. I'll contact our bookkeeping why you haven't heard 
from us."

Where I do have to take full responsibility is that it is my personal 
fault not
the fault of our bookkeeping because I dropped the ball on this one.

I take full responsibility and will get an email by Monday *and you 
will be paid* latest by Wednesday if you have a Paypal account. Sorry.

> So, I'm sorry to say this but my experience with the new Pyzine
> is not too good.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I found working with you throughout 
the process a bit
difficult as well (such as your pseudo-html markup) but that is 
history. Making it all worthwhile though is the amount of positive 
experiences I have had working for the last two years with over 20 
ZopeMag and most recently Py authors. Its fun working with people from 
all over the world doing something that people are either unwilling or 
unable to do -- publishing the only two magazines devoted to nothing 
but Python and Zope. Due to Py's unique circumstances we can't rule out 
the occasional mistake but that doesn't mean we will stop trying.



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