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>Using Python for the early class is not out of the question--but
>I'd want to find an environment that mimics (or improves upon) VB's
>brilliantly (forgive me) easy model of designing the gui and then
>programming responses to events. Someone mentioned SPE, which I haven't
>seen in action yet.

There isn't anything as good as VB for simplicity of generating a UI and
attaching some simple programming to it.  Problem is, that's *ALL* VB is
good for.  Closest you'll come is either Boa Constructor or PythonCard.

On the flip side, is your goal as an educator to show your students how
to do the equivalent of crayon on construction paper?  I find it
interesting how frequently people teach either from the highest feasible
level (e.g. VB) or the lowest feasible level (e.g. C or assembley),
instead of finding something with a good balance of ease and power (e.g.
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