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Hung Jung Lu hungjunglu at
Tue Jun 15 02:57:08 CEST 2004

rmb25612 at (Richard James) wrote:
> Well back in my day, in '75, "Real men" programmed in Intel binary
> machine codes without using those "sissy" Assembly language
> mnemonics...

Nahh... I had a friend who not only did program straight in
hexadecimal machine code, calculated all the offsets on the fly
without any pencil/paper/calculator, more over, very often, when we
had bugs with a UV-EPROM, he would tell us: "guys, no need to change
the program, see, I can just re-wire the circuit here, put a gate
here, flip these and those switches, and done." When you can
re-program by doing it with hardware, that's "real man". It was
perhaps "sissy" to him to re-write programs and re-record the EPROM,
when he could do it straight by hardware changes in a shorter amount
of time.

(Back then, he never forgot a single telephone number, even if he
heard it only once. Some people are just born hardware geniuses.)


Hung Jung

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