Python 'Lets Me See The Forest'

j_mckitrick j_mckitrick at
Tue Jun 8 04:48:05 CEST 2004

David Bolen <db3l at> wrote in message 
> Of course, the end performance advantage of the C++ version over the
> Python version makes up for that in some specific cases, but not
> enough for me to ever want to go back to C++ as a language of first
> choice for most of my target development, even with the STL, strings
> and other templated classes.

I agree.  I've been working on an app in Python, next to a rather
large commercial app in MS C++.  The error messages I get back from
VC++ are like a maze of tokens and expressions.  The Python errors I
get are succinct and to the point.  I've been deciphering VC STL
messages for some time now, but they don't really get much easier. 
Python makes it downright simple.


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