Python interceptor package

Fritz Bosch uthand at
Wed Jun 16 10:38:17 CEST 2004

Hi group

I'm looking for a Python interceptor package, which will allow me to
intercept the invocation of any function or method call.

For those familiar with CORBA interceptors, this should be roughly
analogous (though simpler as we don't have a client and server side)
but should work for any native Python invocation.

A trivial but practical use of such interceptors could be to log such
invocations (also see the 'Interceptor pattern' from POSA2 by Douglas
Schmidt, et. al.)

In particular
- It should be possible to intercept
  - Method calls (instance, class and static methods), either for
    a specific instance or for all instances of a class (possibly
    distinguishing between inherited and new or overridden methods)
  - Function calls
  - Calls to other callables
- It should not require any modification to existing modules
  in a system
- It should be possible to install and remove such interceptors
  at run-time (deriving a class and overriding a method is not
  an option).
- It should be possible to install multiple interceptors (serving
  different purposes) for any function/method

Has any work been done in this direction?


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