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Thu Jun 10 17:25:02 CEST 2004

Aahz wrote:
> In article <mailman.797.1086872657.6949.python-list at>,
> Neil Benn  <benn at> wrote:
>>         I administer a site ( using postnuke 
>>(, it's very easy to use and can be customised 
>>using PHP.  It does have limitations (as do all CMS packages) but it 
>>really does cut down the amount of time I have to spend mucking around 
>>with the site.
> I'm pretty sure that nobody will be greatly surprised that an unwritten
> criterion was that the solution needs to be Python-based.  ;-)

Speaking as someone who does a middling amount of fiddling with as part of the release process, I will be _very_ cranky
if I have to touch PHP.

Say no to toy languages.

Anthony, intolerant.

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