Secure File Transfer

Lonnie Princehouse fnord at
Wed Jun 16 23:22:33 CEST 2004

Check out twisted.conch (

Even if you're determined to reinvent a wheel (I understand, it's fun
sometimes), you might find twisted more useful than SocketServer.

Glauco <00515879256 at> wrote in message news:<KKYzc.40385$G%.38095 at>...
> hi to all,
> i'm planning to make a way to transfer file with python.
> I would like to make the transfer using some crypto api,
> to make the channel secure.
> i don't want to write a wrapper to ftp or to scp i just
> want to make a new protocol, for a little application.
> i took a quick look to some cryptographic modules available
> in python (expecially pycrypto, gnupginterface, m2crypto)
> and i'm now stuck on which one of these to choose.
> Here's what i have in my mind: Alice wants to upload/download
> some files from Bob.
> Both of them have the public key (made with gpg), so in the
> handshaking for the shared key is done using gpg.
> After that the shared key is know to both the end of the channel
> and they can use it to send the data.
> i don't know what protocol (AES 3DES Blowfish? ) to use for the
> transfer and i don't know if it could be better to implement
> it directly with DSA/RSA rather than using GPG + somesymmetricprotocol
> any suggestion hints example ?
> Someone tried something like that ?
> i'm using SocketServer for the network stuff so i would like to find
> something wich can better suit with it
> Many thanks for all the suggestion you can give me .
> Samuele

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