computer names and samba shares

Josef Dalcolmo dalcolmo at
Wed Jun 16 11:27:44 CEST 2004

Let's try a bit better: we have a Samba server and a local net: netmask on 192.168.0.x (no proxies or so between me and this net). We do not have LDAP, yellow pages etc. though there is a DNS server. Network addresses are static (for now).

I don't know what ADSI is, we do not use LDAP.

I was hoping to find a platform-independent solution in Python, because some machines in the company use GNU/Linux, which means win32net is of limited use.

Listing computers on a domain was the first part of my question. I would
be even more interested to find out about the second part: listing Samba
(Windows) shares on the Samba server (program running on a client machine).

os.listdir(r'//myserver') doesn't work, because '//myserver' is not a directory. I guess I should look at the Samba docs, but was hoping there is already a library for Python ...

Best regards - Josef Dalcolmo

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