kid wants to know more about color on the screen

Eric @ Zomething eric at
Sat Jun 12 22:17:40 CEST 2004

"Doug Mitchell" wrote:

> > My son who is in grade 7 has *just* started going through the book "Python
> for the Absolute Beginner" by Michael Dawson. He and I have no programming
> experience. He is beginning this on an old win 95 computer with Python 2.2 I
> think.

Hmmm... Is "Python for the Absolute Beginner" a good book?  Would Doug or can anyone recommend this book (or another) for a 7th grader to learn programming with?  

I've had my son play with "Karel the Robot" in the past, and I am "threatening" to have him use Python to write something based on the Yu-Gi-Oh game this Summer, but I am not sure what resource to use to help him learn.  (Idle minds problem and all that... whoops, almost a pun.)

Also, is 7th grade too young for an introduction to MP's Flying Circus?  :)


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