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Grégoire Dooms dooms at
Sat Jun 12 14:38:20 CEST 2004

Larry Bates wrote:
> Something like this?
> def wordcount(input, sep=" "):
>     global words
>     if isinstance(input, str):
>         words+=len([x.strip() for x in input.split(sep)])

What's the purpose of stripping the items in the list if you just count 
their number ? Isn't this equivalent to
           words += len(input.split(sep))

>         return words
>     else:
>         for item in input:
>             wordcount(item)
>     return words

Removing the global statement and sep param, you get:

def wordcount(input):
     if isinstance(input, str):
         return len(input.split())
         return sum([wordcount(item) for item in input])

Grégoire Dooms

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