Non-programmer needs help on Mac/Wx installation

Tony Clarke a.clarke11 at
Mon Jun 28 16:44:20 CEST 2004

I've used 2.1 in peace for a long time, but unauthorised computer
removal meant an upgrade to MacOSX and Python 2.3. Problems ensued:
after downloading Macpython2.3 the python launcher didn't work, and
Tkinter wouldn't work: although some demos ran, none of the windows
had full function, ie. couldn't be resized or closed.

I installed the aqua program, which didn't seem to help, although I
gained a new interpreter. I installed WX in the Python 2.3 directory,
and although I can now import Wx, no code will run, and the
interpreter will not identify the problem, apart from returning
"syntax error"

I am not  a professional programmer, but have happily used Python for
several years on various Macs for all sorts of things. It has seemed
the most friendly language on the most friendly platform, up until
now. Do I now have to study Unix programming to instal a useable GUI?

Any help or directions to sources of help would be appreciated.

Tony Clarke.
(My old e-mail is not valid, I am now at my name concatenated +
'2004 at"

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