using python with HTML and parameters

John J. Lee jjl at
Wed Jun 30 22:06:52 CEST 2004

"David Stockwell" <winexpert at> writes:

> In java/jsp I can pass parameters to my python script on a webpage by
> doing something like this:

Call me picky <wink>, but that looks like a URL to me, not a piece of
Java code.

> How do I do that with python?

If you mean, "how do I pass parameters to a Python CGI script?", then,
well, exactly the same way as to any other CGI script.  A URL like the
one you give above, or HTTP POST data (or both).

> Also would I need to import a special module so I could grab them off
> the 'line'  (I' m not sure what you call it if its a command line, etc
> as its coming via a 'get' or 'post' request via HTTP protocol.

No, that's the web server's job.

However, if you're writing a CGI script that will handle, you may want
to make use of the standard library cgi module.  And, if you're doing
anything more than a quick hack of a script, I'd advise dropping the
cgi module and using one of the many web frameworks available for
Python instead (eg. Quixote).



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