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> Tom wrote:
> >The first of its kind in South Africa
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> Depending on your definition, Mark Shuttleworth had something similar 
> beforehand, also kind of Python-centric:
> David.


Bounty idea belongs to Mark who is known Python developer

If you check you will realize that in
2005 there will be huge increase in demand for open source software
development in South Africa

If you try to find companies providing this service, there is very few

I have started to fill this gap

I expect lots of potential future work

Idea behind bounties is to give some of this work to Python community
and make profit at the same time

I have been using Python since 2001

I have developed portal, performed number of data migrations from one
system to another, wrote schedulers to generate settlement
instructions in mission critical environment, etc

All this has been done for largest financial institutions in S.A in
context of Securities Lending Industry. People there know who Tom is

There is opportunity to sell open source to them but service level
must be exceptional

Lots of companies find themselves hold hostage by close source

I witnessed this on many occasions. Amounts of money being charged for
solutions are huge


I resigned my full time job today. From August 2004 I will work full
time on

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