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TestDirector is not written in python. It will support python (or VBScript, PerlScript etc..) as an external language to written your automated tests in. It uses COM objects to let python interact with test director tests and test steps. 
Moiz Golawala

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For a couple of weeks, we are using with success Python with TestDirector.
TestDirector 7.6, Python 2.2 and Mark Hammond's windows extensions.
Please let me know if there are any questions.

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I'm not using Python with TestDirector but I know that our QA group uses it.
I'm a software architect and I am very interested in increasing the use of automated testing within my company.  We are primarily a Java shop but I write a bit of Python for this and that especially testing.  I've used PyUnit, JUnit, NUnit etc. and am trying to get others to use these tools.  I'd be interested in learning about how Python can be used in conjunction with TestDirector.
What's the relationship - Is TestDirector written in Python?

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Limor Hevroni asked on Mon Apr 19 06:49:06 EDT 2004 if anyone was using Python for testing with TestDirector.  I am doing this extensively and would welcome discussions with other people who are either doing it or are interested in doing it.
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