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Thu Jun 3 19:57:07 CEST 2004

On 2004-06-03, MF <nospam at> wrote:
> The right screen should look something like a book, black on white, anyway
> light background...

    What your doctor, and many others, forget is that comparing a monitor to a
piece of paper doesn't quite work.  A piece of paper is reflective.  It is
reflecting the light that strikes it.  A monitor is projective.  It is
projecting light.  Because of this a white background on a monitor is not the
same as white paper.  It is more glaring and quite a bit of strain on the
eyes; esp. in dark rooms.

    Ah, but most people would say to turn on the lights!  Except most people
use computers these days at work... with flourecent lighting.  Monitors and
flourecent lighting have something in common.  They both flicker.  We may not
be able to conciously perceive it but it does happen.  

    A 60Hz white screen in a room lit by flourecents is guarenteed to wig my
eyes out in under an hour.  A 60Hz black screen in a dark room and I can go
for hours without any strain on my eyes.  Personally I don't have anything
over c8/c8/c8 on my screen if I can help it.

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