Is Windows + Python + Ming (SWF/Flash) Possible ?

jmdeschamps jmdeschamps at
Wed Jun 9 16:36:10 CEST 2004

I have yet to find a way to compile the source of Ming (a library to
produce SWF files (Flash), to run from
Python under Windows XP
Even with some help (from a C++ 'nix senior programmer), I just can't
make it (SIGH)

Did anyone reading this ever mage it work???

The PHP module seems very popular (even available in binaries :0 ),
but I'd rather program in Python!

Thanks for any help, advice, hints, or (please) access to the

PS I'm a very high level language programmer, specialised in scripting
from way back (Hypercard, Toolbook) and user of highly automated tools
such as VB, C++Builder, etc, so I lack proper understanding of make
files, linkage, symbol tables and such stuff I read about when I try
myself at changing a recipe to compile source (because the posted
method doesn't work, naturally!)- I'm sure its all very cool, and yes
if I had a lot of free time it would be nice to invest in learning
that stuff !

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