newbie question about import

Craig craigb at
Thu Jun 3 16:05:57 CEST 2004

ok, so i understand that there are important differences between import and
#include, but the thing i don't get is why you can't do something like
import "d:\dev\build\"?

is it good style to do this to get the above behaviour:

import sys
import my-include-file

"Craig" <craigb at> wrote in message
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> anwering my own query...i see that this a common question amongst python
> newbies. i shall look around the web a bit and see if i can work it out.
> "Craig" <craigb at> wrote in message
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> > hi all,
> >
> > is there a python equivalent to the C preprocessor statement #include
> > relative-or-absolute-path?
> > i want to import code in a specific file into my script.
> >
> > thanks,
> > craig
> >
> >

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