Searching for the best scripting language

Adelein and Jeremy adeleinandjeremy at
Mon Jun 14 20:15:01 CEST 2004

The answer to this search is not sh, its vastly improved younger
brother Perl, nor even the OO-capable Ruby. The answer is a new
language I am developing, called fortytwo. fortytwo is completely
free software that ships with its own,special IDE/interactive
environment. The fortytwo core is only 555 kb - suitable for the
smallest embedded systems, but with add-on modules that nearly double
the combined library content of Perl, Python, and Java put together,
in addition to providing all of the capabilities of EMACS - including
an IDE with command-line emulation, web browsing, mail, newsreading,
built-in games, etc. The IDE accomplishes all this without any
keyboard- or mouse-interaction, if you so choose. Voice recognition
is built-in (also inside that 555 kb) to allow you to tell the IDE to
load any appropriate modules. Code by voice. The syntax in the core
is as tightly designed as that of Python, yet you may add modules to
emulate any other scripting language as you choose. If you don't want
to use a scripting language, just tell the IDE to write and compile C
code - it understands English so far, and with built-in modules,
Spanish, French, and of course Gaelic, with more language modules to
follow. In  short, fortytwo is everything for everyone, forever -
because it's automatically extensible. You could even tell the IDE
(in your own language) to alter the core to be something it isn't if
you are a super-uber power-user. You can "write" a program that sorts
up to 2,000,000,000 records in a newly-implemented database system
defined in the same program, with user-extensible hooks, in only one
line of code if you wish. Or you could write it in 5000 lines so that
others in the future could figure out what you had done. No need to
learn a new language or appreciate that each language has its own
strengths and weaknesses - that's absurd. fortytwo has no weaknesses
because it becomes anything you tell it to be. No more pesky
retraining. Program in your natural language and tell it to compile
to C, translate to Python, or even Intercal. Need an accounting
system? Why waste time with indentation and whitespace? Just tell
fortytwoIE (the interactive environment) that you need it done in one
line of code even though it's going to be compiled to the same size
anyway, so that you can impress people with the uber-cool code you
can "write" that they have no hope of understanding.

Or, you could just learn a good set of tools, and choose the right
language (among the dozen or so that you know) for your task. Come to
think of it, maybe this is a simpler solution after all.

- Jeremy

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