cannot pass a variable from a function

Porky Pig Jr porky_pig_jr at
Thu Jun 17 06:48:41 CEST 2004

"Doug Jordan" <djordan8 at> wrote in message news:<m54Ac.3645$4g1.791 at>...
> I am fairly new to Python.  This should be an easy answer but I cannot get
> this to work.  The code is listed below.  I know how to do this in C,
> Fortran, and VB but it doesn't seem to work the same way here.
> I would appreciate any help.
> #try this to pass a list to a function and have the function return
> #a variable
> #this works
> list=[1,4,6,9]
> def fctn(c):
>     for h in c:
>         q=h*80
>         print q

You know, I am also new to Python, and fairly well versed in C, but
don't you think  that the following function:

> #function suppose to return variable
> def fctn2(c):
>     for h in c:
>         q=h*80
>         return q

will return whatever it gets on a very first iteration so it will
return a scalar 1*80 rather than list I assume you are trying to
You probably need something like this:
def fctn2(c):
    return [h * 80 for h in c]

Once again, you didn't make it quite clear what is that exaclty you
are trying to return, so I assume you are trying to return a list,
rather than scalar.

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