crypt and decrypt IP address for a php project

danielle d'avout danielle at
Wed Jun 2 17:42:04 CEST 2004


 I would like to take part of the Harvester Project,,  
but in order to trick spammers into revealing their IP addresses when they are 
harvesting email addresses from web sites based on Python
we need to "translate" some php into python
$bait = base64_encode($REMOTE_ADDR);
<div style="display:none">
<p>The following addresses are spamtraps. Do not use them or you will be 
banned from hundreds of web sites</p>
<a href="mailto:<?php echo $bait; 
<a href="mailto:<?php echo $bait; 
<a href="mailto:<?php echo $bait; 

Is it possible, difficult? How can decrypts the IP if Python 
and Php have not their corresponding base64_encode related?

Is there a project of the same kind for Python websites?

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