networking with pyro

hyperbob hyperbob at
Thu Jun 24 19:12:05 CEST 2004


I'm working on a distributed application using Pyro, and I've come
across several issues I'm not really sure how to handle, since this is
my first distributed application.

My application consists of several servers supplying various
functions. They require a name server to be running first. How do I
make it run? What if another application has already set up a pyro
name server (because if I use such a server it could be shut down
prematurely by the other application)? How do I prevent other pyro
applications from using my name server (etc.)?

How do I make all processes run at once, and die at once (and

What is usually done when one of the processes has an exception and
dies? How do I make sure servers don't leave junk in the name server?

My main concern is that I'm missing some general concept and I would
have to re-invent the wheel, so I'd appreciate any general comments or
supernal insights on the subject.



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