Python Magazine exists! (was: Python intro questions)

Mark mark at
Fri Jun 25 14:52:28 CEST 2004


It seems a lot of people are not aware that a Python Magazine exists. 

to see what we are publishing this quarter and check out our free 
articles to see what
kind of articles we publish.

I'd like to repudiate once and for all the claim that:

"Nobody gets paid to write articles about Python"

We can't speak for other publishers/Magazines but this is certainly not 
the case at Py.
Every quarter we pay for at least seven articles and quite frankly 
would like to pay
for more. We also pay two great editors Kendall Clark and Eric-Peter 
Germain to edit
all articles that we publish.

See our Writers Guidelines for more info:

We'd also like to point out that our sister publication ZopeMag:

publishes on average another 8 articles per quarter of which some are 
the rough equivalents of Book Chapters (the parts of our SuperGuides). 
Since Zope is written mostly in Python we would argue that much of the 
content in ZopeMag are Python articles (but obviously with a focus on 

If you would like to see more Python articles and would like to support 
the only Python
Magazine please consider subscribing.



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