"RuntimeError: Calling Tcl from different appartment"

Peter Saffrey theoryboy at my-deja.com
Tue Jun 22 11:56:16 CEST 2004

aahz at pythoncraft.com (Aahz) wrote in message news:<cb6u3m$9fn$1 at panix1.panix.com>...
> In article <ced73313.0406210646.72fddfe4 at posting.google.com>,
> Peter Saffrey <theoryboy at my-deja.com> wrote:
> No clue why it used to work.  Why do you need to call Tk from multiple
> threads?

I'm writing an MP3 jukebox (don't laugh, it's just for fun). One
thread controls the interface that shows the next few songs to be
played and allows you to add to the list. The other thread plays the
songs, removing them from the list in the process. To control this
with one thread, I'd have to have the interface thread constantly
listening for when the last song has finished so that it can remove it
from the list and play the next one.


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