Python Color Printing

Kamilche klachemin at
Thu Jun 24 11:36:20 CEST 2004

I'm pretty desperate to get color syntax printing. I just tried out
the evaluation version of 'Komodo', which several people in here
suggested, and its print features are terrible. The text is coming out
huge when I print at 8 point, tiny when I'm printing at 14 point (so
tiny that it looks like subscripts), the margins are reset at random,
and so on. Plus it doesn't recognize all my fonts.

I don't care if the pretty printer is in an IDE. I just want color
printing with headers and footers! And I wanted it automated - I don't
want to have to print each one by hand, I want to start them all
printing and walk away. It has to be able to print in larger fonts
reliably, because 10 point is too small for my computer-weary eyes.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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